Catholic Health Initiatives Food Service Worker (Room Service) Food and Nutriton - Mercy Medical Center PRN (3:30pm-7:30pm) in DES MOINES, Iowa

Food Service Worker (Room Service) Food and Nutriton - Mercy Medical Center PRN (3:30pm-7:30pm)



Sets up, prepares and assembles meals and trays for patient service. Prepares nourishments, infant and pediatric formulas, and tube feedings as needed. Inventories and stocks galleys in patient care areas. Provides timely wholesome and high quality food and customer service to meet the needs of the customer. Practices safe food handling and quality control.


  • Completes required cleaning of work areas.

  • Inventory and stock galley supplies utilizing par level lists. Maintains clean and organized galley.

  • Takes temperature of refrigerators, freezers and food as required. Properly documents temperatures, documents and takes appropriate action when temperatures are out of acceptable range.

  • Responsible to inspect and ensure integrity of food items. Rotate and monitor expiration dates.

  • Delivers nourishments, formula, and tube feedings to patients and/or galley.

  • Pushes food carts, racks and dish bins.

  • Maintain clean environment by cleaning and deep cleaning equipment, refrigerators, cupboards, tables, etc., as required by accrediting and regulatory agencies.

  • Determines food count, prepares and pre-portions food items for patient tray assembly.

  • Weighs and measures menu items for special diets.

  • Prepare hot and cold food, using standardized recipes, as required for patient menu.

  • Breakdown leftover items.

  • Prepares bulk nourishments and swallow evaluation kits.

  • Requisitions, gathers, and stocks supplies in work area.

  • Prepares, labels, and delivers nourishments for patient use. Prepares bulk nourishments.

  • Prepares infant and pediatric formula per departmental policy and procedure.

  • Reads tube-feeding recipes, calculates supplies needed, mixes products, labels appropriately and stores for supervisor to check.

  • Delivers food carts to the patient care areas and meal trays to patients as necessary.

  • Pulls stock and assemble food items and supplies requisitioned from inventory for production and preparation of meals and services. Records items issued and returned.

  • Prepares special menu items for modified diets; inventories servings and informs supervisor of par levels needed.

  • Receives stock, inspects for integrity and temperature compliance, stocks, dates and labels as necessary and rotates.

  • Completes quality control monitors and documentation to ensure delivery of high quality food services and regulatory requirements are met.

  • Adherers to guidelines for portion control.

  • Stocks assigned area(s) with appropriate food, paper supplies and equipment.

  • Assembles, with accuracy, food items per customer requests.

  • Reads and flows recipe for accuracy.

  • Resolves patient/customer complaints/concerns or refers as necessary to management.

  • Covers, labels and dates food items and leftovers for storage.

  • Takes and documents refrigerator/freezer temperatures as required.

  • Stores and holds all foods at the proper temperatures with documentation.

  • Completes weekly cleaning assignments.

  • Cleans and sanitizes equipment after each use as assigned.

  • Completes other duties as assigned to meet the goals and objectives of the department and organization.



  • High school diploma or GED preferred.

  • Must be at least 16 years of age.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates a commitment to service, organization values and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times

  • Adheres to and exhibits our core values: Reverence : Having a profound spirit of awe and respect for all creation, shaping relationships to self, to one another and to God and acknowledging that we hold in trust all that has been given to us. Integrity : Moral wholeness, soundness, uprightness, honesty and sincerity as a basis of trustworthiness. Compassion : Feeling with others, being one with others in their sorrows and joys, rooted in the sense of solidarity as members of the human community. Excellence : Outstanding achievement, merit, virtue; continually surpassing standards to achieve/maintain quality.

  • Maintains confidentiality and protects sensitive data at all times

  • Adheres to organizational and department specific safety standards and guidelines

  • Works collaboratively and supports efforts of team members

  • Demonstrates exceptional customer service and interacts effectively with physicians, patients, residents, visitors, staff and the broader health care community

Catholic Health Initiatives and its organizations are Equal Opportunity Employers cbchi

Job Food Service/Housekeeping


Daily Schedule 330-730

Scheduled Hours per 2-week Pay Period 0

Weekends Required Every Other

Req ID: 2017-R0117384