Catholic Health Initiatives STUDENT-PHARMACIST I - CHI Health Lakeside in OMAHA, Nebraska



Job Summary:

To assist and perform a variety of supporting tasks under the supervision of a pharmacist. This will include the compounding and dispensing of prescriptions and I.V.’s, maintaining the appropriate records associated with them and proper computer entry to comply with state and federal guidelines.

Essential Duties:

Prepares, fills and distributes unit-dose drugs. Performs medication exchange at the appropriate times to the designated nursing units.

  1. Assists in the preparation of sterile intravenous admixtures which may include chemotherapeutics, cardioplegics, and total parenteral nutrition formulations under pharmacist supervision.

  2. Performs clerical functions such as maintaining the prescription file, answering the telephone and triaging calls.

  3. Maintains adequate levels of drugs, intravenous solutions, and other supplies in the dispensing and admixture areas and records appropriately on the order-book items below minimum level. Maintains an order book of items below minimum level.

  4. Maintains adequate levels of stock drugs in Pyxis Dispensing System on nursing units.

  5. Checks for discontinued IV admixture solutions and antibiotic piggyback solutions in nursing unit refrigerator. Returned unused medications to the pharmacy.

  6. Fills and prices department drug stock-supply requisitions.

  7. Completes charges/credits daily for billing.

  8. Assists in outpatient prescription preparation under pharmacist supervision.10. Repackages and labels bulk oral solid and liquid drugs into unit-dose form under pharmacist supervision. Reconstitutes drugs and prepares compounds under a pharmacists supervision. 11. Maintains accurate packaging log under pharmacist supervision.12. Maintains the various work areas of the department and equipment/utensils in a neat, clean, and orderly appearance.13. Performs and documents inspections of the general pharmacy inventory to ensure that expired or otherwise unusable drugs are removed and replaced when appropriate.14. Resupplies emergency drugs to crash carts and heart carts under pharmacist supervision.15. Performs duties in documented accordance with requirements of all regulatory and governing bodies. Mandatory education from a system and department level is completed.


Required: Registered in a school of pharmacy, years 1-2.

Must be registered in Nebraska or Iowa as a Pharmacy Intern, registration must be held in the state of employment.


Preferred: Previous hospital pharmacy experience.

Job Pharmacy


Daily Schedule PRN with 1 Eve per week

Scheduled Hours per 2-week Pay Period 0

Weekends Required Every Third

Req ID: 2017-R0113770