Catholic Health Initiatives Food Services Associate On Call in PENDLETON, Oregon

Food Services Associate On Call


Job Summary:

This position is responsible for preparing superior quality food, which meets standards for flavor, texture, appearance, temperature, nutritional value, and palatability for patients, patrons and catering guests. At all times, correct food handling and sanitary procedures in accordance with health regulatory standards are integral to this position. Responsible for assisting Executive chef in the daily management of kitchen operations and assists in providing professional leadership and direction to kitchen personnel. Ensures that all recipes, food preparations, and presentations meet food quality and safety specifications. Prepares food items according to daily production needs for patients and cafeteria needs. Is responsible for attaining knowledge to perform functions of the position including inventory management, planning menus, food waste reduction and creativity in food presentation.

Prepares special food according to therapeutic diet needs for patients. Assists in training of new employees within the production area. Responsible for following and maintaining all HACCP regulations for food safety and sanitation.

Essential Duties:

Prepares and cooks food for patients, cafeteria and other events; utilizing standardized recipes. Responsible for appearance and proper service of food (sanitation and temperature). Is thoroughly familiar with the cook / serve method of Food Service.

Prepare food items to meet high quality standards and appropriate deadlines, including items that are prepped in advance.

Utilize production guides properly; documenting initial and final quantities of products prepared for the respective production areas on a regular basis.

Develop and utilize standardized recipes, making modifications as necessary to improve product quality, recording the modifications and communicating them to the supervisor.

Uses a variety of kitchen utensils and equipment including grinders, slicers, mixers, and blenders.

Test, develop and standardize new recipes as assigned.

Practice proper food handling procedures at all times.

Utilize leftover foods in accordance with established guidelines.

Ensures that all food production equipment and utensils are inspected and maintained for cleanliness and proper operation.

Check in orders, following established procedures.

Communication of orders to front of house

Communication with caterer about food needed and delivery times

Person in charge when director and executive chef is out of office.

Service Delivery Standards:

Values Behaviors: It is essential that all employees are able to support the values of St. Anthony Hospital and Catholic Health Initiatives. Each person is expected to interact effectively with physicians, patients, visitors, and staff, as well as demonstrate a commitment to service, hospital values, and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times.


Pass a Smile! (First Impressions)

  1. Introduce yourself.

  2. Initiate greetings with a smile, eye contact, open body language, and a handshake or touch.

  3. Use patient or co-worker’s name in conversation.Be genuine.

  4. Listen attentively and confirm back to customer what you have heard.

  5. Always say “hello” with a smile to patients, visitors, and co-workers in hallways and elevators.

Celebrate Differences! (Diversity)

  1. Treat all patients, visitors, and co-workers with respect as unique, valued individuals.

  2. Provide the highest level of service to everyone, regardless of who they are.

  3. Create a supportive environment and encourage people to freely express themselves.

  4. Behave in a professional, collaborative, supportive manner, regardless of personal feelings.

Look the Part! (Professional Image)

  1. Make sure employee badge is visible and appropriately placed.

  2. Stay well groomed.

  3. Keep clothing neat, clean, and in accordance with department and hospital policy.

  4. Ensure that personal conversation, demeanor, and all behaviors present and “on-stage” appearance.

Maintain an attitude of confidence and proficiency.


Make it Right! (Service Recovery)

  1. Anticipate and correct problems before they become complaints.

  2. Acknowledge mistakes when they occur, without placing blame.

  3. Apologize for the mistake, even if you are not at fault.

  4. Make amends for mistakes by taking corrective action as a tangible indication of our sincere regret.

Let’s Talk! (Communication)

  1. Follow through on all requests and promises in a timely manner.

  2. Whenever you see a person who needs help, ask them “What can I do for you?”

  3. Respond in a timely manner to all requests – conveying clear, concise, and accurate information.

  4. Answer all phones promptly.State name, department, and give appropriate greeting.Always use a friendly tone.

Lean on Me! (Teamwork)

  1. Balance personal agenda with team and organizational goals.

  2. Value all team members and their opinions by treating everyone equally and with respect.

  3. Seek to resolve conflicts in a respectful way.Do so directly with the individual(s) involved and promptly.

  4. Arrive on time to work.

  5. Fully share information that people need to do their job.

  6. Express ideas, opinions and reactions constructively.


Welcome to our Home! (Safe/Healing/Calm Environment)

  1. Maintain a safe, neat, clutter-free work environment.

  2. Keep voice down in and around “on-stage” areas.

  3. Recommend changes to policies, procedures, and environment to enhance everyone’s ability to provide optimum service to all patients, visitors, and employees.

Keep in Touch! (Provide information and explanations)

  1. Apologize for delays and inconveniences.

  2. Use easily understood and appropriate language when giving information to patients, visitors and co-workers.

  3. Avoid technical and professional jargon and acronyms.

Privacy Matters! (Privacy/Confidentiality)

  1. Always knock before entering.

  2. Be sensitive to individual privacy needs.

  3. Always speak kindly and positively about patients and co-workers.Show in all ways that patient is the first priority.

  4. Maintain strict confidentiality at all times with patient, visitors, co-workers, physician information, and with proprietary organizational information.


Thank Somebody! (Recognition/Appreciation)

  1. Find ways to specifically recognize and appreciate a co-worker.

  2. Catch people doing something special and let them know you appreciate it.

  3. Commend a team member when they demonstrate one or more of our customer service standards and behaviors.

  4. Openly praise and acknowledge the good work of co-workers by announcing specific professional and personal accomplishments.

Show the way! (Give Directions)

  1. Make it your job to know where services are at in the facility.

  2. If someone appears to need directions, offer to help.

  3. Offer to escort patients and visitors to their destination.

  4. If unable to personally escort, take him/her to someone who can, or show him/her the way with a facility map.

  5. Do chart reviews, stocking department, etc. with free time.

Keep Growing! (Technical competency)

  1. Maintain a high level of competence; continue to grow in skill and encourage others to do the same.

  2. Consistently demonstrate excellent technical knowledge on the job.

  3. Encourage and contribute innovative ideas and ways of doing things that increase efficiencies.

Performance Improvement: Understands and actively supports the organizational and departmental Performance Improvement Initiatives.

a. Can verbalize employee’s overall responsibility and role in the St. Anthony Hospital Performance Improvement Program.

b. Can identify FOCUS as St. Anthony Hospital’s guide for Process Improvement.

c. Can submit evidence of participation in a Performance Improvement activity completed within the last 12 months. (Organizational, departmental, or individual.)

Cover, label, date, handle, prepare and store all foods according to health regulatory standards, including dry and frozen products and meats.

Document supply requisitions appropriately, both when ordering and removing items from the storeroom. Rotate supplies and maintain an orderly inventory at minimum par level. Notify Supervisor of shortages as needed.

Keep work area and surrounding areas, including floor, clean and free of safety hazards.

Utilize equipment and knives appropriately and with respect.

Complete required continuous training and education, including department specific requirements.

Comply with established personal protective equipment requirements necessary for protection against exposure to blood and other potentially infectious body fluids, chemical disinfectants, radiation, asbestos, and other hazardous substances.

Demonstrate knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients served within the unit.

Must be open to additional responsibilities as required by administration.



State of Oregon Food Handlers Card

Education and Experience

High School graduate or equivalent with culinary skills in food preparation, presentation and garnishment. Three years of quantity cooking experience is preferred.

Job Food Service/Housekeeping


Daily Schedule S-S

Scheduled Hours per 2-week Pay Period 0

Weekends Required Occasional

Req ID: 2017-R0109879