Catholic Health Initiatives NUCLEAR MED TECHNOLOGIST Full Time in PENDLETON, Oregon



Performs all nuclear medicine procedures, demonstrate anatomy under investigation through proper patient positioning, technique selection, administration of radiopharmaceuticals, and application of immobilization and radiation protection devices according to policy and procedure.


Operates And Maintains Quality Control For All Imaging Equipment And Radioactivity Assaying Devices In The Nuclear Medicine Department.

  1. Receives, handles, stores, prepares and administers radiopharmaceuticals to patients according to prescribed dose or protocol.

  2. Performs routine and Cardiac Nuclear imaging studies.

  3. Performs and documents patient assessment/history related to procedures and provides patient to meet patients physical and psychological needs.

  4. Assist Radiologist to perform diagnostic procedures.

  5. Communicates with other caregivers to ensure continuity and appropriateness of patient care.

  6. Provides patient and family education related to imaging procedures.

  7. Applies knowledge of NRC and state rules and radiation safety principles to ensure patient and staff safety for radiation protection to achieve radiation exposures ALARA (as low as reasonable achievable) for patients, self and others.

  8. Assists supervisior and other department management personnel in maintaining all records to ensure compliance with applicable hospital policies and local state and federal and accreditation regulations.

  9. Applies knowledge and principles of universal precautions, aseptic and sterile techniques, to minimize expose to/spread of infectious organisms.

  10. Maintain manual and computerized patient and department records, respecting confidentiality. Initiates computer archive functions to store or retrieve patient information. Performs associated clerical tasks as needed. Ensures patient procedure and supplies charges are correct.

  11. Ensures safe, pleasing envirment for assigned area, observing applicable safety and government rules.

  12. Performs and documents equipment QC according to department protocol: recognizes and take appropriate action to abnormal results. Reports any malfunction of atypical variation to supervisor, maintenance, or engineering.

  13. Provides practical instruction for students and other health care professionals.

  14. Demonstrates effective communication and conflict resolution techniques with patients co-workers, phycicians, and other health care members.

  • Uses supplies appropriately to minimize waste and exposure.
  1. Maintains current professional certications, State and education requirements.

  2. Contributes to positive team spirit and effective teamwork.

  3. Participates in department inservices, orientation and training of personnel/students and ongoing continuing education as regulated be licensure/certification

  4. Able to accept transcribe and implement verbal orders from physicians within their scope of care.

  5. Performs additional duties as assigned.


Prepares Radiopharmaceuticals For Patient Use, Administers Radiopharmaceuticals To Patients And Performs Nuclear Medicine Procedures.

a. Always prepares radiopharmaceutical to include but not limited to:

  1. Established department protocols

  2. Manufacturer's specifications

  3. Never failing to label prepared radiopharmaceuticals with DATE, SPECIFIC ACTIVITY, CALIBRATION TIME, and TYPE OF TRACER.

  4. Stores radiopharmaceuticals per established department protocols such as refrigerating Tc-MAA after a 10 minute incubation period, or shielding aminophylline from light.

  5. Proper established safeguards against elements or techniques that would lessen or destroy the tagging efficiency of the agent such as alcohol, oxygen, or heat sensitive agents, and rough handling of red blood cells.

  6. Ensures that radiopharmaceutical kit has been prepared for an appropriate specific activity calibrated for the time of anticipated use ensuring proper mathematical calculations have been performed to calculate radioactive decay.

  7. All sufficient supplies are on hand to prepare radiopharmaceuticals. Also orders when supplies need to be ordered or orders the supplies as appropriate, such as sodium pertechnetate.

  8. Monitoring quality of patient studies for indication of poor radiopharmaceutical preparation.

b. Always administers radiopharmaceuticals to include but not limited to:

  1. Established department protocols

  2. Appropriate pharmaceutical and appropriate amount/activity is administered for exam to be done. NEVER administers dose from an unlabelled vial/syringe/container.

  3. Labeling doses when drawn from the radiopharmacey dispensary, assuring all doses/vials/syringes/containers Are labeled.

  4. Elutes generator per established department protocols wearing ring badge and protective gloves records results of moly and elution assays in appropriate log.

  5. Ensuring that patient understands procedure and has given informed consent, in writing where necessary, asks patients for information regarding contraindications to exam such as allergies, thyroid meds, and asking female patients of childbearing are if they are pregnant or breast feeding, consulting a radiologist if necessary prior to the Nuclear Medicine procedure.

c. Never fails to wears film badge while on duty, and never fails to wear ring badge when handling radioactive materials.

d. Always performs Nuclear medicine procedures per established department protocols. Requests instructions from radiologist when non-standard requests for exams are received.

e. Always labels studies per established department protocols such as patient name, date, number, type of agent, activity, right, left, anterior, posterior, and technologist initials.

f. Always uses appropriate camera to perform exam per established department protocol.


Operates Nuclear Medicine Computers To Enhance The Diagnostic Value Of Information Obtained From Nuclear Medicine Procedures.

  1. Always follows established department protocols when processing computer studies striving to achieve consistent high quality films by choice of filters, slice selection, display parameters, image intensity, labeling techniques, etc.

  2. Never fails to use a computer "back-up" when acquiring analog images and as a result completion of the patient exam can be achieved.


Maintains Records And Logs As Required By Department Protocols And Licensure Requirements.

  1. Always logs patient dose administered with patent name, time, date, activity, and volume per license and department requirements.

  2. Always logs information in the Progress Notes, of the inpatient chart, indicating dose, time, route of administration, along with other pertinent information on the patients procedure and as a result nursing staff will be informed.

  3. Always records results of generator elution’s, moly assays, radiopharmaceutical kit preparation, survey meter accuracy and constancy checks, and dose calibrator checks.

d. Never fails to perform and record wipe test results, surface readings, meter readings, materials received, amounts received, area surveys, leak test, and contamination monitoring in the appropriate logs and as a result license requirements will be met.


Disposes Of And Stores Radioactive Materials As Required By Law.

a. Always stores radioactive materials/waste in appropriately labeled and shielded containers ensuring that containers are properly labeled in accordance with license requirements.

b. Always keeps radioactive materials in shielded containers whenever practicable, as a result reduces levels of occupational exposure.

c. Rarely fails to removes radioactive material from exam rooms, when not in use, to their proper storage location at the end of day.

d. Always removes waste material such as discarded syringes, tubing, etc. from exam rooms as soon as practicable and places in appropriates waste container.

e. Always surveys waste leaving the hot lab for radiation levels in excess of license requirements prior to disposal, defaces radioactive labels prior to disposal, logs disposal survey, and ensures waste are below applicable levels before disposal.


Schedules Patients For Nuclear Medicine Examinations, Questions Patients And/OR Reviews Patient Charts For Facts Of Patient History Which Are Pertinent To Interpretation Of Nuclear Medicine Examinations By The Radiologist.

  1. Always schedules patients for appropriate time slot.

  2. Always obtains appropriate information such as but not limited to correct spelling of patient name, date of birth, phone number, type of exam, referring physician, clinical information relating to the exam.

  3. Always follows established protocols when scheduling patients .


Recognizes That Continuing Education Is Vital To Maintaining And Advancing The Profession. Keeps Nuclear Medicine Skills Current Demonstrating Evidence Of Continuing Education To Include Department Meetings, Individualized Learning Opportunities And Related Classes.

  1. Always technically demonstrates competency in current nuclear medicine technology and techniques, and as a result will continue to grow technically with the profession.

  2. Assists in the orientation of new staff by sharing knowledge, experience, positive reinforcement and constructive criticism, and as a result new staff are given every opportunity to succeed.

  3. Always performs efficiently and effectively in stressful situations, following established protocols, by using team work and communicating, as a result patient care will not be compromised.

  4. Recognizes that learning opportunities can be had "at the moment" from professionals within the department, makes and takes the time to involve self in these learning opportunities.

e. Willingly participates in staff development opportunities, such as department meetings, in service, etc.


Uses Universal Precautions Including Personal Protection Equipment For Anticipated Contact With Blood Or Other Potentially Infectious Materials.

a. Uses gloves, gowns and masks and other personal protective equipment when contact with infectious materials is anticipated.

Safely cleans, maintains and troubleshoots equipment. Performs periodic quality control and maintains adequate inventory levels and patient records.

Demonstrates knowledge of policies, procedures, standards and guidelines of department/

Must be open to additional responsibilities as required by administration.

Performs other duties within the scope of his/her job.



American Registry of Radiological Technologist (ARRT)

Education and Experience

Graduation from a CAHEA (Committee for Allied Health Educational Accreditation) approved school of Nuclear Medicine Technology. This is equivalent to at least 3 years of college.

As an alternative to completion of a CAHEA approver training course, a Nuclear Medicine Technologist may have previous on the job training in which it was sufficient for eligibility for the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board (NMTCB). Must have knowledge and experience in the current technical aspects of patient care in the Nuclear Medicine Suite. Successful employment as a nuclear medicine technologist within the last year.

Job Radiology/Imaging


Daily Schedule S-S

Scheduled Hours per 2-week Pay Period 80

Weekends Required Occasional

Req ID: 2017-R0118741