Catholic Health Initiatives CNA - 0.8 in BAUDETTE, Minnesota

CNA - 0.8


Job Summary/Job Purpose

Provides for the daily cares of residents in the nursing home by performing the following duties:

II. Core Expectations

At LakeWood Care Center, we expect all our employees to live the values of Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence at work by:

  • Honoring and caring for the dignity of all persons in mind, body, and spirit.

  • Working together as a team to achieve our goals

  • Improving continuously by listening, and asking for and responding to feedback

  • Seeking new and better ways to meet the needs of those we serve

  • Using our resources wisely

  • Understanding how each of our roles contributes to the success of LakeWood Health/Care Center and CHI

III. Core Job Competencies

Core Behaviors: The following behaviors have been identified as critical to all staff roles at LakeWood Health/Care Center.

  • Teamwork Orientation: works cooperatively and collaboratively with others toward the accomplishment of shared goals

  • Service Orientation: desires to serve and focus one’s efforts on discovering and meeting the needs of internal and external customers.

  • Achieves Results: reflects a drive to achieve and outperform. Continuously looking for improvements. Accepts responsibility for actions and results.

  • Learning and Growth: has a commitment to continuous professional and organizational learning.

  • Communication: practices attentive and active listening and can restate opinions of others; communicates messages in a way that has the desired effect.

  • Safety: adheres to fire/safety, disaster plans and infection control. Reports any unsafe conditions noted to the appropriate individuals or department.

  • Corporate Responsibility: adheres to Corporate Responsibility standards of conduct.

IV. Key Responsibilities

  • Maintains resident’s dignity and provides privacy while delivering cares.

  • Responsible for mouth care, hair care, nail care on non-diabetics and for shaving residents.

  • Residents receive meals in a timely manner. Assists with tray service, feeds residents, gives nourishments, and fluids. Removes bibs, wipes hands and face after meals. Area used for meal is left neat and tidy and dirty dishes are returned to the kitchen.

  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the importance and necessity of personal hygiene for residents. Provides bathing and pericare.

  • Assists residents with toileting needs via bathroom, commode, urinal, bedpan or incontinence products. (ie: Attends, blue pads and proper pericare.) Bowel and bladder programs are followed.

  • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the importance of rehab techniques to maintain or gain optimal resident function. Rehab appliances and equipment are well maintained and applied as indicated.

  • Immobile residents are turned and or repositioned every two hours. Proper body alignment and positioning of residents is observed.

  • Responsible to document care provided in Momentum Care Touch charting application.

  • Receives resident for admission. Assists with orientation of the resident to the room and the facility. Completes inventory of valuables and vital signs as directed by the charge nurse. Reports to the charge nurse any pertinent information about the resident and family

  • Assists with transfer and discharge of residents per instructions of charge nurse. Assists with packing personal items and clearing the unit for cleaning.

  • Provides care for residents in isolation precautions. Demonstrates knowledge of isolation procedures and follows policy and procedures.

  • Assists in care of the dying and dead. Maintains an attitude of respect, care and concern for residents and families

  • Is aware of and follows resident’s care plan. Provides input for the resident’s care plan and promptly reports when an approach is difficult to follow or does not appear appropriate.

  • Takes vital signs and weights accurately. Information is recorded on the appropriate form. Reports any unusual findings to the charge nurse.

  • Accurately calculates Intake & Output and reports all

  • I & O’s to the charge nurse at the end of the shift. Any decreases or abnormal findings are reported promptly.

  • Is observant and promptly reports changes in resident condition to the charge nurse. Reports on conditions of assigned residents at the end of each shift.

  • Records resident bowel movements promptly. Is aware of those residents scheduled to receive laxatives or suppositories. Reports to the charge nurse any results to avoid giving medications which are not necessary.

  • Collects specimens (urine, stool, sputum) under direction of charge nurse in the appropriate labeled container; does so with infection control measures in mind.

  • Participates in socialization activities of the residents.

  • Keeps assigned resident rooms neat and orderly. Wipes off over bed tables, bed neat, tidy and the linen clean. Removes dirty dishes. Clothes neat and put away.

  • Does routine cleaning of resident areas and utensils.

  • That resident call lights are within reach and answers lights promptly and courteously.

  • Properly applies and supervises the residents in safety devices as directed by the charge nurse, under the orders of a physician.

  • Is aware of the importance of side rails and assures they are in an up position for those residents who need them and have a Dr. order.

  • Uses proper lifting techniques and follows established procedures during the course of work.

  • Attends staff meetings, offers input for evaluation of new programs and ideas.

  • Has an understanding of the telephone system and is able to answer incoming calls.

  • Frequently washes hands as outlined in hand washing procedures

  • Other duties as assigned

Skill, Knowledge or Abilities critical to this role:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills needed.

  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize

  • Ability to maintain high level of accuracy when documenting cares.

Job Requirements/Qualifications-

  • Must be at least 16 years of age.

  • Must be certified NA or planning to attain certification for the position


  • Must be at least 16 years of age.

  • Must be certified NA or planning to attain certification for the position

Job Clinical Support


Daily Schedule Rotate

Scheduled Hours per 2-week Pay Period 64

Weekends Required Occasional

Req ID: 2018-R0151680

We’re an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.